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Safety Switches

Safety Switches

A safety switch is a device that turns off the electricity whenever there is a fault detected. Safety switches are vital devices that every household needs to protect themselves from electrical accidents. It is designed for the purpose of preventing damages that can occur from the result of electric shocks. Think of instances such as faulty appliances, or children playing with sockets, or even just lack of basic maintenance. These are all examples of when residents can suffer from electrical shock and potentially affect houses by blowing up the switchboard, or damage the wiring.

If you need to ensure the protection of your home and family from electrical accidents, check that you have a safety switch installed in your property as soon as you can. There are different types that can be put in place, with each offering a different layer of protection. Safety switches can only be installed by a licensed electrician.

If you are living in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern NSW, and need assistance with installing or maintaining safety switches, call Ged Electrical and Air and we can give you the best advice possible.

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