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Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical accidents can occur at any time and the consequences are usually extreme.

Keeping your premises safe, whether it is your home, business or rental property is of paramount importance. Owners of either a commercial premises or rental property are legally obliged to ensure that the property is safe and fit for its purpose.

An electrical safety inspection will highlight any possible safety hazards within the electrical installation and network. After performing a comprehensive safety inspection Ged Electrical and Air will then issue you with a detailed report at an affordable rate.

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspection

One important aspect of providing a safe environment is that the electrical systems are in good working condition and that there are no electrical hazards or faults.

One way to ensure that your business or property(ies) comply with safety regulations is to have an electrical safety inspection done.

This is a must if you have a business to remove yourself from liability. Call Ged Electrical and Air today!

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